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Today's market is highly competitive, making it a struggle to find qualified candidates to fill open positions. LinkedIn ads and website job postings alone won't find you the quantity or quality candidates you need and finding candidates can take a significant amount of time and resources. Hébert Resources is dedicated full-time to searching for candidates on your behalf.

Hébert Resources matches candidates to specific positions. We have in-depth, face-to-face meetings with each candidate to understand their past, present, and goals for the future. We know it isn’t just about technical qualifications and project experience; you need to find the right person who will complement and thrive in your work environment while not disrupting your existing team dynamics.

Eric Hébert has built an extensive network in the local construction industry. He has connections to not only candidates who are actively searching for employment, but passive candidates who are not currently looking for employment, but who would consider a change for the right opportunity. Passive candidates are not easily persuaded with unsolicited LinkedIn messages or phone calls, but Hébert Resources has built trusted relationships with these highly sought-after individuals.

Hébert Resources fully scrutinizes each candidate. We check references, talk to previous managers and team members, and ensure that each candidate has a solid, verifiable history of hard work, commitment, and teamwork in their past roles.

Eric Hébert personally manages the entire hiring process to make sure that you secure your new hire. Eric has a personal understanding of the needs and wants of our candidates, what motivates him/her, and what it'll take to close the deal. We manage expectations on both sides to ensure there are no misunderstandings and all parties are comfortable with the parameters of the job offer.


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