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Comprehensive Guidance

Career changes are some of the most complex, difficult, and impactful decisions of your life. When you partner with Hébert Resources, you're guaranteed personalized service and attention. Eric Hébert guides you through the entire process and gives you the tools to make the right decision for you
and your family.

Career Path Planning

We will develop a personalized career road map that covers your financial goals, professional development milestones, and work-life balance exceptions.

Resume Development

We will ensure your talent and achievements are strategically presented and
custom-tailored to specific potential employers.

Industry & Company INsight

Eric Hébert has long-standing relationships with marquee contractors in the industry. He will share his deep insight into each company's culture, structure, benefits, advantages, and challenges.

Interview Coaching

We carefully prepare you for the interview by coaching you on how to effectively communicate your strengths and experience. You'll know exactly who you will be meeting with and have valuable insight into the position's specifications and expectations.

Evaluate & Negotiate Offers

Together, we will evaluate offers against your personalized career roadmap, taking into account current market statistics, growth opportunities, and intangible benefits to ensure you are maximizing your worth.

Complete Confidentiality

We utilize a personalized approach to candidate placement where you aren’t just a bullet point on an email blast. Eric will never reach out to a company without your knowledge and approval. We understand that you’re gainfully employed, and we would never do anything to jeopardize that.


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